CycleQuest is a social exercise game where real-world workouts earn you real rewards and bragging rights over your friends.

Do you ever talk smack with your fit friends about who can run, bike, or swim more, and wish that your friends would just shut up and put their money where their mouth is? With CycleQuest, there are no excuses. Just friendly competition.

Cool, how does it work?

  1. Go to

  2. Log in by pressing the Strava Button. This will let CycleQuest pull your profile and workout information from Strava. (Note: if you don’t have a Strava account, you will need to create one for this to work).

    CycleQuest Login

  3. If Strava auth is successful, you should see a map view of SF with the athlete card in the upper left hand corner and the daily leaderboard in the bottom left hand corner.

    Map View

  4. If you recorded a workout on Strava earlier in the day, that workout route will be displayed on the map and points for that workout will automatically be calculated and added to your point totals.

What are “points”?

Once logged in, you should see your athlete profile card in the upper left hand corner.

Athlete Profile

  • Daily Points are your points earned on the current day
  • Total Points is every point you have ever earned on CycleQuest

Points are awarded using the following formula:

  • 1 Point for each mile traveled (rounding down to nearest mile)
  • 1 Point for each 100 feet in elevation ascended (rounding down to nearest 100 feet)

At the end of each day, trophies (gold/silver/bronze) are awarded to the top 3 point getters and daily points are reset.

What are trophies?

The trophy row on the athlete card indicates how many times you’ve won each kind of trophy.

Athlete Trophies

The WBCC Challenge

If you are reading this, you are likely part of the Wide Bodies Cycling Club. And I issue this challenge to you:

  • Gold Trophies are 3 “trophy points”
  • Silver Trophies are 2 “trophy points”
  • Bronze Trophies are 1 “trophy point”

The competitor with the most trophy points from 1/20/22 - 1/31/22 wins a brand new Montucky Cold Snacks hat from yours truly:

Montucky Hat

May the odds be ever in your favor.