As I was searching for a card to fill out a sorare team, I was thinking to myself that there has to be a better way to do this. So I wrote a proposal to some friends about how a Sorare lending market would look:

There should be a lending market for sorare players. This would in general make the sorare card market more efficient and in specific:

  • Lower the bar to entry into sorare competitions (competitors can pay a
    fraction of lifetime ownership price to enter once)
  • Allow card owners to generate revenue from assets that they are not using for competition

A simple version of this would be relatively easy to create. The following would need to be tracked:

  1. A list of ongoing sell-side offers (managers looking to rent their player out). More specifically:
    • The player
    • The ideal loan length
    • The ideal loan price. This could be fixed $, fixed eth, % of winnings, another card.
  2. A list of ongoing buy-side offers (managers looking for player(s) to complete their lineup). The same stuff would need to be tracked.
  3. Reputation for members of the platform. This could be in the form of verified completed loans and/or reviews from other members of the platform.
  4. As a stretch, perhaps there could be a mechanism where the receiver of the card could put up some collateral to raise the chances the loan would be respected.

The main piece of feedback I received on this idea was that the more that Sorare lowers the bar to weekly competition entry, the more this game starts to look like sports gambling. And running a sports gambling game can be way more of a pain in the ass to manage than running a trading card game that hey, whaddaya know, has weekly prizes involved on the side. And I get that point.

Additionally, I think part of the magic of sorare is you get to act like a real life soccer team owner. This is a role that has traditionally been reserved for millionaires and billionaires who buy real soccer teams and real players. When I think about players that I should buy, I think about how they will fit in with the rest of my team. I think about their long-term utility, their mindset, where they are in their career, how they will grow and develop as a player and as a human being. And when they do grow and develop in that way, it feels good as an owner. And that’s a feeling that should be preserved through game mechanics, not thrown by the wayside in favor of greater asset utility.

So to sum up, lifetime player ownership is:

  • Easier to manage from an operational perspective. It’s not gambling if it’s a trading card game.
  • More emotionally involved and I think enhances the game experience.
  • More expensive.

On the other hand, weekly player ownership is:

  • Harder to manage from an operational perspective as it’s closer to gambling.
  • Less emotionally involved. If your player gets injured or whatever, no big deal, they’re not your player next week.
  • Less expensive.

Well, maybe there is a middle ground that can increase the utility of the cards somewhat, but also preserve the emotional involvement you get from long-term ownership. This middle-ground is the season-long loan.

The season-long loan would increase card utility and lower the bar to entry, to a lesser degree than weekly loans, but it still would.


  • It would make owning a sorare team even more like owning a real team, where season-long loans are a thing.
  • It would create another mechanism to foster community amongst team owners. Unlike trades, which are transactional in nature, season-long loans would align the interests of two owners on the same card. What’s better than one person cheering for someone who scores a goal? Two people cheering for someone who scores a goal.

So if you are on the Sorare team and you read this, make season-long loans a thing please!